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huckfaceWelcome to Huckleberry’s Webpage

Tui PDC2009 - 32Huckleberry is a full-time Homesteader with multiple skills and masteries, a lot of love in his heart….


and a big beautiful dream. Learn more!

Folk Musician, Singer/Songwriter; inconcertsignlisten to his music and discover complex poetry and enchanting melodies that inspire a deep yearning to return Home to a pristine world of kinship.

On this site you can:

*listen to his songs for free;

*download his CDs to your personal music device;

If you want to check out Huckleberry’s music click here especially the album Walking Away.  It’s available at CDBaby and can be accessed here.  Huckleberry is a prolific singer/songwriter/composer with dozens of unrecorded songs. If you’re interested in his upcoming releases and/or songbooks, please sign up for Huck’s email list.

*schedule a campfire concert;musicalinstruments

*Order hand crafted musical instruments made of local old growth remnant wood.


huckplayingmusic*contribute to the Forest Home Recording Studio and win a stay at Huckleberry’s Camp Ground.



Master Builder; Huckleberry’s extensive construction experience includes:


timberframeQuinaultinside*Traditional Joinery

timberframequinault*Timber Framing

*Roundwood Timber Construction 22' permanent roundhouse interior  NZfromtop

*Reciprocating Roof Technology

*Natural Building.

He can build it for you, build you a kit, or teach a workshop about how you can build it yourself


*Reciprocating Roof Roundhouse or kit, *Timber Frame House or kit, *Arbors and Trellises *Worm Composting Bins *Cob and adobe technology/Cob Ovens

Huckleberry’s lifetime of construction experience has led him to an interesting challenge. Perhaps you will be the lucky benefactor of his next building research project. Learn more here….

If you’re interested in Huckleberry’s book on portable roundhouse design, click here.

Edible Plant Design/Millennial Forestry/Permaculture Designer and Course Instructor Huckleberry is retired from his lifetime career as owner of GreenWorld, an edible landscaping business. He is not retired from his lifetime, on-going research into edible plants and trees that thrive in the Olympic Peninsula ecosystem. On this site you can :      wormfarmer

*Hire Huckleberry for a Permaculture design, an Edible Species palletduckhousedesign, and/or to create a “Vital Soil Plan” for your land




*Huckleberry is a master pruner! Hire him to prune your fruit trees and you’ll be happy! Huckleberry has a magic way with trees. He can teach you too. Learn more…


* Huckleberry can help you deepen your connection with Nature including: guided plant walks, shamanic forest journeys, dowsing, and communication with Nature spirits

*PDCteachingHuckleberry is a well-informed, fun and inspiring lead teacher for full Permaculture Design Courses. teachingPDCHe prefers to work in teams, making for a dynamic course. Make arrangements far in advance.



*Contribute to his really important research and win a stay at his unique Camp Ground….with a campfire concert or perhaps an informative guided walk through the forest


onlandMillennial Forest Land Plan

Huckleberry has a big beautiful dream and he’s seeking collaborators. It combines his passion, skills and on-going research to create a living system for humans to thrive in a forest environment using simple methods and locally-available natural materials. The building plan is a dynamic combination of locally-sourced natural materials, traditional joinery, rocket stove thermal mass and passive solar heating with greenhouse integrated with the surrounding forest. The forestry plan is a journey down an enchanting path of food forestry and homesteading with livestock integrated with the wild  using desirable methods of co-creation with Nature and culminating in grand and exponential yields as time goes on.

Towards this goal, Huckleberry has been cleaning up logging debris and planting edibles in a regenerating forest for the last several years, building soil with compost from his milk cow and other livestock.  He is seeking collaborators to help to make the beautiful dream come true. Collaborators have a lot to gain. You’re going to want to investigate this. It’s inspiring.

the forest


Please take a moment and join Huck’s mailing list. There’s lots of good stuff coming and it’s the best way to keep in contact with him.

May the forest be with you!