Creating A Portable Roundhouse



Shelter is a basic need that, like food, we need to master
for ourselves if we wish to be self-sufficient. What if we
lived in a society where everyone learned basic natural
construction and how to build their own home before they
became adults?? Wouldn’t that be a glorious birthright!
Indigenous cultures taught this very necessary skill to
their children in order to assure the continuance of their
people. Knowing how to build a portable roundhouse could be a key to many
people’s home self-sufficiency.

In contrast, our whole society is experiencing a crisis of
homelessness unparalleled in human history, in spite of
the increase in houses everywhere. Ecological
catastrophes, mostly human caused, have seemingly
teamed up with giant corporations, bankers and
military to leave vast swarms of people homeless:
foreclosures, floods, earthquakes, rising sea levels,
droughts, mudslides, nuclear meltdowns, oil spills,
hurricanes, unemployment, health crises, war … the list of the causes of
homelessness is long. Many people are on the move … so portable, quick and easy,
inexpensive, temporary solutions are essential –
shelter that people can build themselves using
locally available resources.

It’s time for transition. To shift is a gift … coming
together to grow our souls in community and that
includes helping each other build our own homes
with our own hands using inspiring designs and
healthy materials.


To find more information on the roundhouse, check out this fantastic tumblr site with pictures and even a song!

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May the forest be with you!