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huckfaceHuckleberry’s Dream/ Building

I’ve given myself the construction challenge of my life. Before I tell you, let me say that I am seeking kindred spirits who share my dream and want to be part of making it a reality. As you read, consider if it might be you I’m seeking. Are you ready for an awesome house located in a beautiful and abundant food forest? Would you like to collaborate to build this dream house with me? See what you think. Keep reading….

Here is my challenge:

For the benefit of both people and forest I aspire to build a house in a forest environment in the PNW that meets several requirements:

  • Develops a home design that can be affordably built by today’s average homesteader in the PNW using natural materials sourced onsite as much as possible.
  • Is as self-sufficient/self-contained and alive as possible, collecting and using water, creating energy, food for the inhabitants, composting waste, generating heat, (passive solar, radiant floor, wood, wind, etc) providing clean living atmosphere using plants and natural ventilation, is a beautiful, cozy and enchanting home.


  • Is so well-integrated that it is actually beneficial to the surrounding environment.


  • Utilizes round-wood construction techniques because today’s peelingroundwoodprivate lands of regenerating forests are mostly comprised of smaller, younger trees.


  • joineryUtilizes Traditional Hand-crafted Joinery


  • Utilizes Reciprocating Roof Technologyroof1


  • Is well-located; on an edge (such as between forest and meadow), where humans love to live, with consideration given to aspect in order to maximize growing potential, solar gain, wind and water.
  • Is fireproof- fire is becoming a more regular threat in PNW forest.
  • Utilizes cob/earth fill and researching ancient cement technologies
  • rocketstovethermalmassheaterUtilizes rocket stove/thermal mass technologies,



  • Is as tiny as practical although expansive in feel. Gives inhabitants feeling of living outside.
  • Includes greenhouse on the sunny side with sauna/bath
  • Is located in a larger lovely forest environment with enchanting trails, small meadows surrounded by edible hedgerows, wildlife corridors, salmon-bearing stream of clear cold water and riparian zone that often includes beaver dams…integrated with the gardens, orchards and livestock of the homestead. The dream has a small handful of lovely happy couples or families each with their own home and surrounding lovely land sharing the management of the grazing herd, woodlands and orchards of the larger common land according to the beautiful ancient/future plan called “Millennial Forest Plan”* (see “Millennial Forest Plan” link for description of that plan)
  • Part of the mission is to develop the plans for both Millennial Forestry and the Forest Roundhouse in order to assist homesteading families of the forested NW who want to make decisions that feel good…such as non-tillage of the soil.  Because it is imperative to the climate and environments of the whole world that we learn to live with and love trees and to let forests thrive, especially for those of us who live in the PNW, part of the mission is to demonstrate ways we can live robinashouseharmoniously within the forest, producing what we need and living a good life of the land.


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May the forest be with you!