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What’s Available Building

1) Timber Frames

Did you know that timber framing is the most ancient and widespread construction method in the world?? To live in a timber frame house is to be connected to our human heritage. A timber frame house is a work of art.

No metal, no nails are used in the framing of a timber frame. A timber frame is self-supporting, built to last centuries with handcrafted joinery and wooden pegs. Timber framing is traditional construction that stands up to earthquake and fire. The early American version of it is important as it became the first time common people were able to raise themselves up from hovels to nice houses like rich people. The style that developed was for everyone, rich and poor alike. And it brought neighbors together. The old time barn-raising was a style of timber framing that did most of the joinery first and depended on the help of a lot of neighbors to raise it into place for the final fastening.

The style of timber frame that Huckleberry builds is the Shaker Style.

If you want a timber frame house or sauna, Huckleberry can build it for you like a kit. You could take it away on a truck and then, just like in the old days, you’d get all of your friends and family together for the final raising.



2) Reciprocating Roof Frames/Portable Roundhouses

Portable roundhouses are cool. Quick and easy,
inexpensive, temporary solutions – essential
shelter that people can build themselves using
locally available resources. Besides your own temporary shelter (better than a yurt because it has eves as long as you like) PRHs make great greenhouses, trellis, play structures, (Earth Gym) barns, poultry or other small animal shelters and gazebos. Take it camping or to a gathering, unique booth for craft show, myriad uses…


Huckleberry can build you a custom Roundhouse frame to meet your needs. Let him know the purpose to help determine the size, form and quality…anything from a pumpkin trellis for your garden to a permanent dwelling. Some designs have collapsible pole walls, some have uprights and some (the pallet version) with no uprights whatsoever!

Huckleberry would like to collaborate with a sail or awning maker to sew canvas and PVC covers for the portable versions.

In the meantime one or two layers of greenhouse plastic, (optionally with moss in between the layers) makes a good roof for many temporary purposes from greenhouse to dog kennel to booth at the fair. With nice eaves, walls stay dry so options abound for wall coverings or infill. Huckleberry looks forward to collaborating with clients and fellow builders to create more unique applications of this building style in the future.


3) Roundwood Timber Frames

Today’s homesteader in the PNW has mostly smaller younger trees if they have any forest at all. Therefore it only makes sense to develop building styles that match the resources available. It’s the choice humans have always had to make.

Huckleberry is excited about developing the art of traditional joinery using roundwood. Again, many custom options exist, depending on your needs, Huckleberry can build roundwood structures with traditional joinery as well…including reciprocating roof structures.


4) Worm Composting Bins

Huckleberry is an avid worm farmer. He has a passion for really great living soil, the kind that makes plants go wild. Almost ten years ago, Huckleberry experienced his first no-till garden. One look at the robust vibrant nature of the garden and he was hooked. After discovering the folly of the plowman he made a permanent shift to vermiculture. Today he tries to see how many ways he can incorporate worms into his farm and garden.

Wooden worm compost bins are at the heart of his success, providing a safe place for worms to proliferate and make lots of great castings. The bins are situated and designed to make the most of whatever material needs to be composted, from poultry poop to cow manure, kitchen scraps, and all forms of carbanaceous biomass (paper, straw, wood etc).


Custom bin designs include *the chicken compost feeder, *the back porch model, *the bench under the favorite apple tree model, *the chicken roost composter,*the basic box, and the basic box with shelves for easier harvesting. See pictures. Huckleberry can design a custom worm-composting bin to meet your specific needs. In fact, unless you know a lot about this method of generating great soil, you may also want to hire him to help you develop a living soil plan. It’s easier than you think! In fact it’s a lot easier than roto-tilling or plowing and the results are exponentially better. Don’t wait! Call today!


5) Trellises, Arbors, Wattle Fences

More easily built on-location, but anything is possible. If you’re looking for a unique and traditional fence, trellis or arbor, Huckleberry can work with your custom needs.


6) Boats. He’s not really set up for it these days but he certainly has the skills. If you need a specific wooden boat, (how about an ark?) it could be that Huckleberry is who you’re looking for? Why not? Give a call and see!


7) Book on Portable Roundhouses

Creating A Portable Roundhouse



Shelter is a basic need that, like food, we need to master
for ourselves if we wish to be self-sufficient. What if we
lived in a society where everyone learned basic natural
construction and how to build their own home before they
became adults?? Wouldn’t that be a glorious birthright!
Indigenous cultures taught this very necessary skill to
their children in order to assure the continuance of their
people. Knowing how to build a portable roundhouse could be a key to many
people’s home self-sufficiency.

In contrast, our whole society is experiencing a crisis of
homelessness unparalleled in human history, in spite of
the increase in houses everywhere. Ecological
catastrophes, mostly human caused, have seemingly
teamed up with giant corporations, bankers and
military to leave vast swarms of people homeless:
foreclosures, floods, earthquakes, rising sea levels,
droughts, mudslides, nuclear meltdowns, oil spills,
hurricanes, unemployment, health crises, war … the list of the causes of
homelessness is long. Many people are on the move … so portable, quick and easy,
inexpensive, temporary solutions are essential –
shelter that people can build themselves using
locally available resources.

It’s time for transition. To shift is a gift … coming
together to grow our souls in community and that
includes helping each other build our own homes
with our own hands using inspiring designs and
healthy materials.

6) Workshops

Huckleberry teaches workshops on any of the above methods.


7) Mentorship

Huckleberry is willing to mentor anyone who really wants to learn these building skills. He thinks these traditional skills are valuable and worthy of keeping alive.



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