Portable Roundhouse Workshops

roundhouse-book-cover3Share a new skill with friends. Hold a PRH workshop. Everyone gets the opportunity to participate and if they pay attention can build one themselves at home. The workshop sponsor keeps the PRH from the class in exchange for getting the students and collecting the tuition.

Below is a collage from PRH workshops Huckleberry has taught around the world. He can’t remember how many of these he’s taught, maybe close to 100. They’re always fun as well as educational….and empowering! You’ll notice the many different kinds of wood that can be used to build a PRH. Once assembled, students always have fun discovering the incredible strength of this simple structure.

buildingroundhousehuck   frameprhclass4   bamboo   PRH9     PRHclassprhclass5    hanging4hanging3    ontopof  upsidedownfeet   PRHclass2PRHclass3PRHframereciproof

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May the forest be with you!