Huckleberry’s Big Beautiful Dream


dream Huckleberry’s Big Beautiful Dream:

 Millennial Forest

Huckleberry has a big beautiful dream…..and he believes that out there somewhere are kindred souls whose destiny is to share this dream, to help make it a reality. Actually the dream is already unfolding on a unique 20 acre parcel of regenerating forest with a wild river flowing through. Huckleberry has planted hundreds of chosen fruit and nut species in this location. He has a small number of livestock and a lot of poultry and they all contribute to building the soil. He is working hard to improve the land, using Permaculture design and restorative methods. The land is becoming more beautiful, productive and edible every day.

And he’s preparing to begin building on the land.


He’s seeking a group of cooperative collaborators to make it more fun, affordable and possible. At any rate, he’s a child of the 60’s and in his heart there is a melody of peace and love and utopia that is just who he is. It causes him to dream of a cooperative group of kindred collaborators who want to homestead together. In harmony.

His dream is for a few families to pool their resources to cover the cost of the land and then work together to build tiny homes for each family.  Home sites will be clustered to maximize the common land and homeowners may tend it together, cooperatively grazing livestock according to a rotational plan and tending orchards, meadows, hedgerows and forests….transforming it into a beautiful garden along the way.

The time for this project’s unfolding begins Spring 2017 when the new bridge will be built.


The plan is for the family homesteaders to share community buildings including bath/laundry/greenhouse, barn, workshop, community kitchen/greenhouse, also fences and animal structures.

Perhaps it’s your dream to live in a beautiful forest setting but don’t know how to build your own house? Huckleberry can help! Read about the houses Huckleberry builds and wants to build on this site. This is an affordable way to go for the right people, DIYers, homesteaders, or people interested in learning building arts such as traditional joinery, timber framing and reciprocating roof technology. The cost for each family would be basically the cost of the raw land divided by the number of homeowners, plus a few  expenses such as taxes. The idea is to make it as affordable as possible.  By hand-building the homes,  helping each other build, and having workshops, the cost for a new home, on nice big productive land, would be considered affordable by any standard.

The land has so many wonderful attributes including: *great soil; soft black rich forest loam, * water rights: abundant cold clear water in the year-round creek that always flows clear and abundant aquifer *access and utility easements; a new bridge is being built this year and power will be to the bridge *two railroad grades converge on the land making for a really amazing livestock plan *A few big ancient trees, a lot of diversity and a vibrant regenerating forest with a lot of edible native species. *Rural location *Beauty *Privacy: located at the gateway of a huge timber holding, thousands of acres of gated forest land with no traffic, wild rivers leading to National Forest and Olympic Mountain Wilderness. Access by foot, bike or horse only! No traffic.

Here’s more information about the beautiful dream that Huckleberry calls

Millennial Forestry

Huckleberry’s big beautiful dream combines his skills, masteries and on-going research to create a living system for humans to thrive in a forest environment using simple methods and locally-available natural materials. The forestry plan is a journey down an enchanting path of food forestry and homesteading with livestock that integrates gracefully with wild nature using desirable methods of co-creation…. culminating in grand and exponential yields as time goes on.


Because it is imperative to the climate and environments of the whole world that we learn to live with and love trees and to let forests thrive, part of the mission is to demonstrate ways we can live harmoniously within the forest, using simple light-footprint methods of producing what we need and living a good life of the land.


In addition, Huckleberry asserts a fascinating premise that the results of combining this style of hands-on (non-mechanical/artistic & pleasant/nutritive) regenerative food forestry with an utter devotion to the soil (non-tillage/top-feeding/nutritive) will produce yields that, over time, will surpass any system based on tillage and dominance (mono-cropping/row-cropping/weeding) measurable in both quantity and quality. Well-fed by an uninterrupted soil network, plants become prolific, robust, vital….they glow. This is a bold assertion. This is important research that will help many people as well as the environment.

If you’ve looked through this site, you might realize how Huckleberry is uniquely qualified for this land-based research project that he refers to as “Millennial Forestry”.


The challenge could be defined thus:

Using Permaculture Design and Natural Building techniques, to create a few homes for a small number of families that are so-well integrated into the surrounding forest environment that they are actually beneficial to the homesite, increasing the vitality and productivity of the life within and around the homes. In addition, to create a self-sufficient food forest for the family/inhabitants of these homes according to a plan described in a document called “Millennial Forestry”. In a nutshell, Millennial Forestry is a system of human-scale regenerative forestry that leads to maximum food production integrating domestic gardens, orchards and livestock with wild zones such as riparian habitat, wildlife corridors, hedgerows, meadows and forests.

Read more about the vision on Huckleberry’s other “Dream” pages under: Construction Arts, Flora & Fauna, and Music.

The biggest challenge today is figuring out a way for the beautiful dream to pay for the cost of the land so the creditors may be repaid as quickly as possible and the beautiful dream may continue. The land is unique and perfect in so many ways and Huckleberry has already come quite far down the path of making the land ready to receive inhabitants, investing huge amounts in the trees and soil, cleaning up logging debris and getting ready. This is a perfect time to meet the people who are destined to be a part of the land, this Legacy Food Forest. If you think this is you then contact Huckleberry today. Make arrangements to meet him and the land soon. You will know if when you arrive on the land the feeling in your heart says “I’m Home”.

It’s calling to someone.











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May the forest be with you!