huck and tree

Huckleberry’s Story

Huckleberry was spawned in a small timber town on the edge of the vast Olympic forest.

His ancestors were skilled in the ways of woodworking and building and he learned well, mastering many traditional woodworking arts by the time he was a young man.

Like any normal boy given the opportunity, Huck spent every spare moment in the forest.

He learned that the forest is the Source of everything~the wood we all love, pure clean water, edible wild plants, fun, adventure…and music!

Huckleberry says: “my earliest musical instruments were hollow cedar stumps, birdsong my teacher”.

As he grew older he went deeper into the forest and encountered Old Growth.

It’s there that Huckleberry took off his shoes.

As for many of us in the Pacific NW, growing up meant watching the vast and beloved forests disappear at an alarming rate.

The experience of feeling ancient trees falling, shaking the ground like an earthquake as they hit was a wake-up call for Huck.

As a woodworker and builder  he had learned to appreciate quality wood~the kind that only comes from old-growth trees.

But at what cost?

Huckleberry became concerned for future generations~ would they have any good wood?

Would they ever know an ancient tree and understand its wisdom?

Do we know what we’re losing?

Huckleberry’s “grown-up” life was about folk music, traditional building and edible landscaping.

During this time he took refuge in the forest at every opportunity~ even so, more and more he found himself sitting in a truck stuck in city traffic.

Like many of us, Huckleberry longed to leave the hubbub behind and live closer to Nature, to slow down, to be more sustainable, to be more … authentic.

Finally he took a step in that direction…and kept on going.

“I simply began walking away.

I went to the forest…and stayed.”

That’s where Huck met Mick.

And that’s when the Songs began to flow.

Huckleberry’s been composing songs all his life. But ever since  he moved to the forest for good,  Huckleberry has had songs flowing through him like a river.  Dozens of unrecorded songs, every one awesome. He mostly plays around the campfire for friends or just for fun.

But today, Huckleberry has a lot of new friends (like you!) and many agree it’s time for Huck to release some of these amazing compositions for the rest of the world to hear.

He just needs a little encouragement.

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May the forest be with you!