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What’s Available/Plants/Trees/Soil


Edible Landscape Design: Depending on your needs, this could be anything from a two hour walk & consult around your land to an all-out design with lots of details. Initial Consult $250 minimum. Additional Design Work: Sliding scale $50 to $100 per hour plus travel.pruning

  • Edible Species Selection: In conjunction with Raintree Nursery, Huckleberry has been teaching edible plant workshops for over 40 years including several decades of Garden Shows. That’s a lot of learning that goes both ways. Imagine the feedback he’s heard over that time! He’s a veritable encyclopedia of knowledge about specific fruit and nut trees/plants/vines and the specific Western Washington ecosystems and climates that cause them to thrive. HuckgunneraNot only that but he’s travelled the world gathering seeds from other ecosystems that have similar climates as the PNW. As a seed collector, Huckleberry travelled to Chile, Wales…….….(he even has a flower named after him). You would be hard-pressed to find anyone who knows more than Huckleberry about perennial edible species that thrive in the Olympic Mountain ecosystem. Ask him for an edible species list for your land and you’ll be happy you did. Save yourself years of growing trees that turn out to be heartbreakers. Be successful instead. Call Huckleberry.
  • Permaculture Design: Huckleberry’s vast experience with edible species in combination with his experience with Permaculture Design means he has a lot of very useful design experience to share with you. Depending on your needs, his assistance can range anywhere from a simple walking/talking consult to a detailed permaculture design. palletduckbarnBesides being a designer he’s a hands-on hard-working homesteader himself. His brilliant designs include reciprocating roof portable pallet barns used in rotational systems of livestock/poultry/greenhouse, and simple effective vermiculture systems to create great soil. Keep reading to learn more.
  • PDC1


  • Permaculture Design Course Instruction: pdcdesigningAfter 30 years as an PDCedible landscaper, Huckleberry decided to learn Permaculture Design from the Source. He travelled to Australia to learn from Dave Holmgren. His experience learning and teaching Permaculture Design Courses simultaneously, took him to Australia, South Africa, England, Ireland, Wales, Brazil, New Zealand….and of course the Olympic Penninsula. Today he’s available to teach courses on the Olympic Peninsula, where his expertise is. If you’re planning a PDC in this region and need a team teacher, Huckleberry is a great choice. Be sure to make arrangements well in advance.
  • Master Pruning Huckleberry is a master pruner! prunerHire him to prune your trees and you’ll be glad you did. Huckleberry has a magic way with trees. He can make even badly-hacked or old trees become prolific, vital and robust producers. His pruning creates lovely happy trees. prunedHe’s fast too!


  • pruningworkshop2Pruning Instruction and Workshops…and if you wish, he can teach you how to do it too…or you with a group of family and friends.pruningworkshop1


  • Soil-building Assistance: Huckleberry has an amazing and unusuremediatingsoilal background with soil. He learned vermiculture on Kauai and how to successfully remediate some of the most badly abused agricultural soil imaginable using non-tillage top-feeding, methods; composting, vermiculture (compost bins and actively aerated vermicompost tea)…and biochar inoculated in the tea. The results were phenomenal, dark, black, rich, worm-laden soil that turned suffering pitiful insect-ridden trees into surprisingly robust, vital and prolific examples of what’s possible. Some of his restoration projects include steep slope bare-dirt, badly-eroded hillsides that today boast abundant and diverse forests instead.


  • Worm Composting Bins: Huckleberry builds a variety of worm composting bins out of wood. As an avid worm farmer, these are the bins Huckleberry uses to produce beautiful worm castings. Different designs depending on your needs; there’s the chicken feeder or the chicken roost, there’s a back-door kitchen model, the orchard model, the bench under the favorite apple tree model. Don’t wait! Contact Huckleberry today to design a custom worm bin for your needs. This is one of the best investments you could make. Match this with a Soil Plan and you’ll be on your way to the best and happiest soil on earth. Happy soil means nutritious food. Learn more about Huckleberry’s worm compost bins HERE.

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