Edible Landscape Design

huck w: cider pressHuckleberry retired from a lifelong career as an edible landscaper (owner/operator: Green World) where he began studying Permaculture Design. With his combined knowledge he was soon teaching Permaculture Design Courses and Natural Building internationally.

Today he is involved in developing a type of sustainable food forestry called Millennial Forestry.

Huckleberry is a wealth of wisdom especially about edible species appropriate for growing in various areas of the Pacific NW. If you are interested in collaborating with Huckleberry on an edible landscape design for your land, please contact him to discuss details.If you live local (Western Washington) an onsite consultation will give you the information you need to create sustainable systems from edible gardens to buildings that make sense.

2 thoughts on “Edible Landscape Design”

  1. Interested in building a small orchard and raised vegetable gardens. Please let us know your availability.
    Thank you.

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