Vermicomposting Systems

     An avid worm farmer himself, Huckleberry has developed several different vermicompost bin designs to meet the needs of today’s backyard gardeners and homesteaders.  Wood works best! Huckleberry’s opinion? Don’t waste money on plastic worm bins. Listen to a voice of experience, having answered numerous calls from people who suffocated their worm colonies in plastic worm bins. Worms need air! Wood is perfect. Huckleberry can work with your unique needs to create a custom vermicompost system just for you. In addition he can build you a backyard biochar maker and teach you how to use it. One of the best ways to use biochar is inoculated with actively-aerated vermicompost tea. Huckleberry can teach all these techniques in a day or weekend workshop, or he can set a system up for you, or draw up a design so you can do it yourself.

single    singleflatbin     puttingbintogether  smallbintreeposeonwormbin This is the backporch version. It has least 6 layers for ease of harvesting. It’s strong enough to sit or stand on!

backyardbinThis is a double bin, 2 flats wide, big enough for a small backyard garden bench.doubleflatbin

       largebininstall   wormbinforschoolThis larger model has a roof to keep worms cool and larger handmade wooden flats for layers. It was installed at a public school.


doublebinwith roof   This is the deluxe double-sided chicken feeder model with roof. The homesteader feeds compost to the chickens on the open lids. The chickens eat and scratch and the remains fall into the bin…with added chicken manure, a big plus!

Another version of this model sports a chicken roost above the chickenfeeder1worm bin and collects manure all night long. Very effective.










A triple flat model doubles as an even nicer (longer) bench for your garden or orchard. Just as easy to harvest castings. Just bigger.


Worm bins are nurseries and sanctuary for diverse composting organisms. For best results, locate worm bins next to sheet-mulched gardens. Bye-bye rototiller. Bye-bye expensive soil nutrients. Bye-bye hard work. Worms work better. 

startupwormsOf course, Huckleberry can provide you with the start-up colony of worms and companion composting organisms that you’ll need to get started.

   biocharmaker1  He can build you a biochar maker or teach you how to do it yourself.       biochar Here’s biochar  biocharinwormteaAnd here it is in the worm tea.

This is magic for your plants and trees. No more pests. Get ready for vibrant healthy robust glowing gardens, nurseries, orchards…. We’re talking serious nutrition. Happy.


biocharworkshopHuckleberry teaching biochar workshop


Huckleberry teaching vermicomposting workshop.




Everyone should read “Teaming with Microbes” for more information.

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