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Huckleberry Folk Music

Huckleberry Leonard / Singer Songwriter Composer Performer

Proficient player of: Guitar, Digeridoo, Anglo Concertina, Percussion Instruments (Drum, Rattles etc) and Native Flute

Cedar Instrument Maker:  Drums, Rattles, Flutes, Digeridoo and eclectic one-of-a-kind creations.

Huckleberry has played guitar devotedly for over 50 years, composing songs all along.

He has performed his original music in the US (mostly West Coast), Canada, England, Ireland, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Australia, South Africa, New Zealand and Hawaii.

Huckleberry claims the Forest as his greatest musical inspiration. He did have a few human influences as well….

Working as a traditional shipwright, he began singing sea shanties. For 13 years he performed with Donkey’s Breakfast at the Pacific NW Folk Life Festival and other Maritime Events with a sea shanty group, a family folk group and solo.

Huckleberry plays traditional Irish music and has performed to cheerful St Patrick’s Day crowds at Irish Pubs around the globe.

So far Huckleberry has  produced 2 CDs and 1 cassette (remember those?)

The good news is he’s been busy composing…and the best is yet to come! Huckleberry’s recent compositions come pure from  the heart of the ancient forest.  Be careful though. Listening to Huckleberry’s music will make you want to take your shoes off, turn your back on the city and head for the forest…. to free your sole.


Huckleberry has made  2 CD’s. You can check out Walking Away right now! Melody of Freedom will be re -released soon! Campfire Sessions with Mick and Huckleberry  are coming soon as well as more CDs with original songs from Huckleberry.

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Walking Away

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May the forest be with you!