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Huckleberry and Music/History

Huckleberry began his musical career singing songs to his grandmother. Recognizing talent his mother enrolled him in trumpet lessons at age 10. He played the bugle for every veteran’s funeral until he graduated from high school. He was in the high school band for 4 years and marching band as a bass drummer too, and sang in the civic choir. He stole his brother’s guitar about the same age and started a rock-n-roll band and a folk-singing group in the 60’s in high school.

Later, as a shipwright for the Lady Washington, Huckleberry started Donkey’s Breakfast, a Sea Shanty group that performed all over the PNW. Huckleberry performed in the NW Folk Life Festival in Seattle every year for 14 years as Donkey’s Breakfast, Sylvia Creek Singers, and solo. He was in a cast of two musicals.

Besides singing Huckleberry mastered guitar, drum and concertina. He knows lots of Irish songs and has performed St. Patrick day events, both solo and in groups, in pubs around the world.

Inspired by the old growth forests of the Pacific NW where he lived Huckleberry began writing his own songs as a young man.

Today he has three recordings and many dozens of songs yet unrecorded. He’s performed on-stage and around the campfire in USA, Canada, South Africa, Brazil, England, Scotland, Ireland, New Zealand, Australia, Chile, Peru, Costa Rica, Kauai and on the High Seas.


In other words, he sings where ever he goes.


He even sings to his milk cow.

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May the forest be with you!