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Huckleberry’s Dream/Music

To say Huckleberry is a prolific songwriter is an understatement. By some standards he is one of the more prolific folk musicians alive today. Songs flow through him like wind in the trees. He has many dozens of unrecorded songs, every one of them a Gift….needing to be shared.

Huckleberry’s dream is to record his songs at home in the forest and release them to the world via Internet.

Huckleberry’s mastery is both melodic and lyrical. The fullness of his music is experienced on a deep soul level where his message of love resonates with the human heart leaving in its wake a longing to go Home….to be truly Home….in a beautiful forested world where life is simple and people are kindred.

What could be better? Huckleberry’s music is truly a Gift that has the ability to help humanity evolve towards Love and harmony with Nature, in beauty, with simplicity and kindness.

A donation of a computer with recording program and basic backyard recording equipment is all it would take to move this project forward. Lovers of Music and Nature, this is your opportunity to do something really wonderful for the whole world. Contact Huckleberry directly to make a contribution. Generous contributors will be offered a special invitation to stay at Hipcamp and enjoy a live campfire concert. Call Huckleberry today to make arrangements!


Huckleberry had to sell his beloved Dipper Concertina to pay a debt owed. thedipperToday he limps along with a beginners concertina. Most of the notes play most of the time. Few things would make him happier than a new concertina, one worthy of his mastery but these are expensive. Huckleberry is hoping for a miracle. ? On concertina Huckleberry plays Irish music, Blues and concertinahas composed several of his own arrangements.

Huckleberry has another dream. It has to do with the birds and the music of the land. Huckleberry is trying to save the beautiful food forest he has been tending for the last four years. A regenerating forest, the land is covered with berries from spring to fall. As a result, birds abound. Birdsong is everywhere….and butterflies and bees it is an awesome sylvan symphony of restoration, beauty and love. It’s a supreme source of music. Perhaps you can feel this. Perhaps you’re a kindred spirit who wants to preserve this source of musical sanctuary on earth. Perhaps you’d like to own a house in such an environment. If you are such a kindred spirit, the opportunity has arrived for you to say yes. Read more….


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May the forest be with you!