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 What’s Available/Music/Huckleberryhuckwithguitar


Walking Away   recorded in New Zealand

Melody of Freedom   recorded in South Africa

Live with friends at the Mussel Inn  Takaka,NZ

Donkey’s Breakfastdonkey's breakfast STOWAWAY  cassettes only


Here’s a link to Huckleberry singing in Donkey’s Breakfast (he’s the one with the big black beard!)


Musical Instruments Handcrafted of Old Growth Cedar

Didgeridoos    60-72 inches  bees wax mouthpiece



Flutes : Cedar 6 hole fairy flutes  musicalinstruments

Drums:    Cedar log,hoop or bentwood box

Clackers:  old growth cedar top branches or cascara

Campfire Concerts/Sessions:

A true  folk musician who is also devoted to walking on Earth with a light footprint, Huckleberry prefers to perform around the campfire these days.

To see him live, the best way is to schedule a stay at his unique forest  Ground Camp and sign up for a campfire session. If you live local enough, you might get him to travel to your campfire. He’s available for a rousing good St Patrick’s Day event too, if you make arrangements ahead.


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May the forest be with you!